MYPITCH offers the production of short, tailor-made video presentations.
Would you like to learn how to be clear and captivating when sharing your story with a live audience? You can also book a workshop in which we will help you perfect your pitch





M   Y   P   I   T   C   H



Tell your story

live or on-line



A Pitch is a short presentation about yourself or your ideas.
Long enough to spark the curiosity of your audience,
but formulated concisely
in order to connect and inspire.












A decent smartphone allows you to record a basic video presentation. However, some situations or platforms demand special attention for the quality, styling and content of your clip. We can produce a high quality professional Video Pitch for you to share on websites or on your LinkedIn profile. We will help you turn your content into a story, use our coaching skills to tweak your personal presentation and record and edit your pitch. If needed we can also advise you on how and where to display your new content online.



Cost: 595,- excl. VAT


(the stated cost is for a simple pitch recorded on a single location. Additional requests could be discussed at extra cost.)


VANAFNUL   Meerssenerweg 255 B   6224 AG Maastricht     043-3628457





The pitch workshop is designed to help you develop your own style of presenting through personal attention and tailored feedback . We use video-feedback to analyse the impact of your story on your listeners. We also take a closer look at the narrative structure of your message. This workshop is a great way to prepare  for a pitch in front of a live audience. As a follow up, you will receive 15 minutes of online feedback (via Skype or Facetime) on a pitch that you have prepared


Cost: 395,- euro excl. VAT


Duration:      4 hours
Location:      Maastricht
Dates:          Starting January 2018
Trainers:      John Rouvroye & Monique Colen